Amelia and Kelsey

Imagine Amelia and Kelsey Making More Playground Memories Spot Amelia at the playground, and you might find the two-year-old swinging on the swings or digging in the sandbox. “She’s a very fun, happy girl, full of energy all the time,” says Amelia’s mom, Kelsey. “She’s really just starting to come out of her shell a […]


IMAGINE YEMINA’S NOVELS ON THE BEST SELLER LIST Ask Yemina about her favourite book, and she’ll have a hard time deciding between the many stories that line her bookshelves. The only story that’s missing from those shelves? Representation of characters with disabilities. That’s something 17 year old Yemina, who has cerebral palsy and uses a […]


Boy with medium skin tone and dark hair, wearing a backpack and holding up an x-ray of a hand.

Imagine Rehan as an out-of-this-world doctor For most eight year olds, summer means as little schoolwork as possible.  But for Rehan, the best summer ever is not complete without some math and science. He’s currently trying to solve string theory, a complex problem that involves fitting all the laws of the universe into one long […]