Building a more inclusive and accessible world with EY Canada

Building a more inclusive and accessible world with EY Canada EY Canada is imagining a future where everyone belongs — and they’re proudly supporting Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and children with disabilities by taking part in the Imagine Everybody campaign. Co-founded by Arthur Young, who was deaf and had low vision, EY is committed […]

Dr. Tom Chau

Imagine a world where disability is heard Imagine technology that allows kids who have no existing means of communication to speak and interact with the world around them. These technologies aren’t the premise of a science fiction novel. Brain computer interface (BCI) technology and the Hummingbird are just a few of the assistive technologies developed […]

Dr. Tim Ross

Imagine a world where everyone can play Imagine a playground where everybody is included. Where a kid who uses a wheelchair can play on the swings at the park. Where a child who uses cochlear implants can enjoy a static-free roller slide. Where kids with and without disabilities can easily play together. Every child should […]


Imagine inclusive and empowering care Imagine baking muffins in the kitchen to work on upper body strength. Or using a hula hoop to practice getting dressed. These are just a few of the imaginative ways that occupational therapists at Holland Bloorview approach rehabilitation for kids and youth who have an acquired brain injury. Some clients, […]


Imagine a Workforce Where Disability is Embraced Imagine a world where youth with disabilities are fully included in an accessible workforce. The employment pathways team at Holland Bloorview is transforming that possibility into a reality. As the project & strategy lead for the employment pathways program, Carolyn McDougall supports Holland Bloorview clients with achieving their […]


Imagine Carson in the Driver’s Seat Next time you board a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) bus, you may hear Carson say, “Hi!” Carson loves to ride public transportation, and he especially loves to make friends with fellow commuters. “He likes greeting everybody that gets on the bus and everybody that gets off,” says Carson’s mom, […]

Amelia and Kelsey

Imagine Amelia and Kelsey Making More Playground Memories Spot Amelia at the playground, and you might find the two-year-old swinging on the swings or digging in the sandbox. “She’s a very fun, happy girl, full of energy all the time,” says Amelia’s mom, Kelsey. “She’s really just starting to come out of her shell a […]


IMAGINE YEMINA’S NOVELS ON THE BEST SELLER LIST Ask Yemina about her favourite book, and she’ll have a hard time deciding between the many stories that line her bookshelves. The only story that’s missing from those shelves? Representation of characters with disabilities. That’s something 17 year old Yemina, who has cerebral palsy and uses a […]